How to recognize a wrong real estate agent?

By Ann Krueger / April 11, 2017

Through many years of experience, we here at Dundee Developments have encountered various situations regarding real estate agents. From our readers, we received most complaints about irresponsible and bad property agents. Unfortunately, all these cases happened after they have hired a real estate agent, who treated them badly and they lost a significant sum of money. We have decided to prepare you a short article and tell you what type of real estate agents you should avoid when selling or buying a property.

Unresponsive one

You shouldn’t expect your agent to be available 24/7, but he should respond to your message of voice mail at his earliest convenience. In the beginning, you should be in touch with him every day. By having a good and open relationship with your agent, it can make a significant difference in selling your house within an ideal time frame of 5 months, or have your home listed for several years. If you notice that your real estate agent isn’t responsive or he calls you back after few days, you should terminate your contact with him. With this, you will only lose your money and time because it is evident that you aren’t his priority.

He doesn’t listen to you

A first-time meeting is the most important one because you should have an open conversation. It should feel something like a counseling session. You need to be able to feel confident, and agent should follow your lead and guard your best interests. A real estate agent should be interested in your case. If he asks you relevant questions, such as: what is your time frame to buy or sell a property, of if he asks you about your dream house and your expectations, then you are on the right track. You want to hire an agent who is dedicated and who will give you a good advice at the appropriate moment. Not someone who acts like a salesperson and whose only interest is to make more money for himself.

The agent is inexperienced

Experience is the key to this business, and experienced agent will understand the market better, and he will be able to make you a better deal. We don’t have anything against beginners; there are some really good real estate agents out there. But you want an agent who is fully dedicated. Nowadays, anyone can become an agent and people are usually doing a different day job, while real estate is their part time job. Your agent should be a person whose career is real estate with at least two years of experience.

The agent is unprofessional

This is one of the worst qualities your real estate agent could have, but also one of the easiest you can notice. If he is always late to appointments, disorganized and sending you wrong messages, then your property isn’t in good hands. The most important thing is the professional trust, and when it is broken, the relationship with your agent won’t have any progress.


How to successfully market and sell your house – Dundee Developments tips

If you have come to the point in your life where you want to sell your home, this is probably the biggest transaction you will make. You won’t have problems selling your property, but the most important thing is to get the best deal. We here at Dundee Developments have prepared some tips and tricks for you, and we hope you will find the useful.

Find a good real estate agent

We are big fans of real estate agents who are skilled and successful. After all, this agent will work for you, and it’s in his interest to make you a good deal because he will be taking the percentage. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is hard to find a real estate agent who will dedicate his time only for you. Among other clients, it ‘s hard to guess whether you are his priority or not. So, if you want your property sold fast and with good price contact home buying agency in Brentwood. There are one of the best ways to market your property because they real estate agents knows the market and potential customers who can afford your property.

Use specialized websites

When we say specialized internet sites, we think on specially designed online pages that market properties. It will cost you less than $50 to post your ad here, and you will have bigger chances to sell it. Another advantage of these web pages is that you can see the prices of other properties, compare it with yours and make a competitive price. On the other hand, if you are selling a valuable property, you can design your website, just for that property. This isn’t something you can’t afford, for the entire year it will cost you around $100. You can post pictures of the property, condition, terms of payment and so on. This option only comes into consideration if you aren’t in a hurry to sell and you have time to build your price with protentional clients.

Use Facebook ads

It is estimated that one-third of world’s population is using the Facebook every day. Your goal is to target the audience which has the same interests as you. You can open a separate page for your property and pay around $10 fee so that Facebook would market your house further. The page will be displayed randomly, and you never know how will see it. With this ad, you will be able to target individuals who live in different geographical locations. If you manage to write an appealing ad, which will attract a bigger audience, you can even sell your house in a couple of weeks.


Many people don’t remember staging when they are selling their property. But, if you want your house to stand out from the competition, you should think about this. Nowadays, there are many companies which will rent you furniture for this action, and it can’t cost you more than $200. In this price moving company and pickup is included.